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Know Your Numbers

Money and metrics without the anxiety.

A 9-module course for allied health practitioners to help you understand your money, chart your business performance, and track your metrics with ease.

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Setting Up Online Consultations

Maintain client bookings without face-to-face contact.

A 5-module mini-course for allied health practitioners to help you set up and manage online consultations with the right tech, tools, and procedures in place.

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Crafting Your Allied Health Practice Blog

Market to your ideal clients and build your brand.

A step-by-step course for allied health practitioners to help you get your blog online and noticed by your ideal client.

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More for your money.

Members of The Connection receive full access to our resource library, community, and programming. Plus, discounts on events, mentoring, business ‘booster shots’ and a 20% discount on all courses.

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Quiz: What’s your number one busy blindspot?

Feeling time poor and overwhelmed as an allied health practice owner? Take our 2 minute quiz and find out your busy blindspot (plus get your tailored free report including tips for moving out of your busy-ness!). Hint: Once you know your busy blindspot, you can free yourself from feeling time poor and stressed, and start making the progress you really want.

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