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Know Your Numbers

Money & metrics without the anxiety.

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We get it. You’re busy and probably haven’t had the time to sit down and look at your finances.

Or, it’s been a while since you really looked at the numbers over time and realized what’s changed. Maybe you know you’ve got some money coming in but don’t know where or how to make changes to optimise your practice. Or, you’re absolutely terrified to take a peek under the hood and see what’s broken.

All of this uncertainty can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the financial health of your practice.

If you’re ready to make better sense of your business metrics without feeling lost or overwhelmed, you’re in the right place.

Know Your Numbers is a 9-module course for allied health practitioners

To help you understand your money, chart your business performance, and track your metrics with ease.

Sort out your money mindset so you’re ready for financial growth.

Learn how to read and understand your financial statements.

Choose the best numbers to measure for you and your practice.

Create a 12-month financial plan to follow and track your way to success.

It helped me to improve my record keeping (to ensure we meet ATO obligations)

‘I now know how to measure my business success, calculate gross and net profit margins, cost of goods sold, and how to create and effectively use a budget. So if you need a little help with this aspect of your practice, I feel sure you will get value from this course.’

Melissa James – Bayside Hand Therapy

Because you’re not running a hobby, you’re running a business.

Know Your Numbers is right for you if you’ve ever told yourself…

  • You’re too busy to figure it out on your own.
  • You’re just not good with money and numbers.
  • You’re scared to dig in and see what you find out.
  • You should feel guilty about making money as a therapist.
  • You’re afraid to make changes in your business (like hiring, pricing, or wages)

Know Your Numbers gives you the practical financial knowledge and the tools and resources you need to be a savvy business owner.

As well as help coming to terms with the money mindset issues holding you back from running a healthy practice.

I am ready for this. Sign me up.

‘So many allied health practitioners go into business and either take a long time to wrap their heads around the financial side of their business or forgo understanding their numbers altogether.

We created Know Your Numbers with the knowledge that everyone has varying levels of comfort when it comes to numbers and money. Every module takes you step-by-step and builds on top of each other to instil you with the confidence that yes, you can take control of your business’s financial matters and it can be fun!’

Amy Geach, Founder and CEO of The Connection. B.App.Sc(OT), M.Clin.Sc, MBA

Our goal was to create a comprehensive program you could learn from and go back to at every stage of your business

Quite literally making the most of your
time and money.

How it works

This course is designed to follow a 9-week curriculum, but can easily be self-paced to suit your practice and life schedule.

(In other words, you can take that holiday!)

  • Download the corresponding module workbook
  • Watch the 15-20 minute module videos
  • Download any accompanying templates and resources
  • Review and select the action items and tasks you need to take
  • Apply your learnings to your individual business
  • Track your progress with our Know Your Numbers Checklist

What you’ll learn:

Module one

Get Organised and Know Your Obligations

Record keeping
Good and Services Tax and BAS
Wages, PAYG, and Payroll Tax
Accounting Software
Chart of Accounts

Module TWO

Know your Money Mindset

Your Relationships With Your Business
Your Relationships With Money
Your Money Fears
Your Money Story
Where You’re Going
Your Vision
Valuing Your Work And Worth

Module Three


Understanding Financial Statements
How Your Info Feeds Into Your Software
Income, Expenses, And Reconciling
Income and Profit & Loss Statements
Measure Of Profit
Costs Of Goods Sold
Ratio Analysis
Gross And Net Profit Margin
Balance Sheet
Liabilities And Assets
Shareholders’ Equity
Liquidity Ratio
Current Ratio
Debt To Equity Ratio
Why You Should Have A P&L and Balance Sheet Statement

Module Four

Business Success
Factors Part I

Defining Business Success
Barriers to Success
Growth Over Time (and what’s best for you)
Cancellation Rates (and what to do about it)
Revenue Sources
Open Costs
Break-Even Analysis

Module Five

Business Success
Factors Part II

Referral Numbers
Average Visit Value
Customer Acquisition Cost
Rebooking Rate
Total Average Client Income
Total Average Income
Income Per Therapist
Wages Vs Income Rate
Employee Capacity

Module Six

and Targets

Setting Benchmarks and Targets (plus examples)
Choosing Your Strategy
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Writing Down Your Goals
Measuring Your Goals
Completing Your Goal and Benchmarking Sheets

Module Seven

Prepare a

The What, Why, And When Of Budgeting
What You Need To Get Started
Income And Expenses (and common mistakes)
Net Profit
Testing Your Budget
Creating A Contingency Plan
Reviewing Your Budget

Module Eight


Understanding Your Cashflow
The Three Main Sources of Cash
Free Cash Flow
Managing Cash Flow
Other Things To Be Aware Of

Module Nine

Habits and

Creating Good Habits
Breaking Bad Habits
Habit Cues and Environment
The Two Minute Rule
Resources You Need To Stay Successful
Creating Systems Within Your Business
Creating A Pre-Set Task List (Trello Board Template)

Helped to achieve peace of mind knowing I was making better business decisions

‘The format of the course was unbelievably flexible so I never felt stressed about completing tasks. It is designed to fit in with your schedule which works so well.  All questions were welcomed and there was such a common understanding and respect.’

Amelia Clarke – South Eastern Hand Therapy

Your Resources Include:

  • 9-module workbooks to complement your learnings
  • Lifetime access, including any new resources released
  • Access to our dedicated support team for any questions you might have
  • Excel Dashboard Tracking Template + Trello Task List
  • 12-Month Budget Template
  • KYN-approved resources and tools list

GST Flowchart, Asset Register Template, Balance Sheet Template, Profit & Loss Template, Budgeting Template + Example, Cashflow Forecast Template, Financial Terminology and Equations Cheat Sheet, Financial Tasks Checklist

The best, most comprehensive financial education for allied health practitioners

Understand your money, track your business performance, and put practices in place that will give you the confidence to know you’re building a stronger business.

Definitely the main reason my business was able to get through COVID

‘The foundational finance tasks and routines that I put in place at the beginning of the year, thanks to completing the Know Your Numbers course is definitely the main reason my business was able to get through COVID. I was able to confidently track our business success factors, and make informed decisions quickly. I feel so much more in control now when it comes to my business finances.’

Steff Bee – Clever Bees Pediatric Occupational Therapy
New South Wales

Course Cost

$899 ($699 for members)
Valued at $2,299

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any concerns we don’t address here, feel free to reach out to us here.

What is your return policy?

We know it can be stressful parting with your money, so rest assured we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you sign up and decide this course is not for you. For any questions about the course please email

Where will the resources and modules be located?

After signing up, you’ll receive exclusive log-in details to our online Know Your Numbers portal.

Do I really gain lifetime access to this course?

Absolutely! Our aim is to ensure you feel financially confident and have reliable resources to turn to whenever needed. That’s why we provide lifetime access to this incredible course, along with any future additions or enhancements we introduce.

Will I be able to ask a question or share my work with Amy?

YES! We welcome any and all questions! You are welcome to email Amy and the team at any time!

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  • Grow your client numbers and receive more referrals
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  • Avoid common mistakes made when running a practice
  • Market your practice effectively (without being pushy)
  • Reduce overwhelm and find your focus points
  • Remove loneliness that comes from being in private practice
  • Build and develop a team around you
  • Have more time off and achieve your work-life balance

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