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A space to feel inspired, grounded and reassured about your own practice journey.

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Resources and community for every stage of your journey.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, have a small admin team, or are managing a full team, our resources are designed to suit any sized business.

Access practical resources you can implement into your practice immediately, saving you time and progressing you forward.

Gain peace of mind knowing you’re doing things the right way and not leaving yourself with a mess to sort out later.

Tap into a like-minded community of people who understand what it’s like to balance being a practitioner and running a business.

Excellent peer support and I thrive on the weekly emails

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‘The Connection has been extremely helpful to me, even though I have been the Director of an OT practice for the past 21 years. It helps me to stay on top of new trends, important HR issues, worldwide pandemics / shut downs, budgeting, planning and understanding what is important to me. It saves me a lot of time, we can build on the templates and drafts that The Connection provide rather than starting from scratch. I would highly recommend it for any AH business owner.’

Kerry Stingel – Cairns Occupational Therapy, Queensland

The advice, support and resources have been absolutely priceless

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‘I’ve been a member of The Connection since starting my private practice over three years ago. The advice, support and resources I’ve accessed to support me and my practice have been absolutely priceless. I’ve always felt valued, accepted and never judged when asking for help and guidance. The members rally around each other and Amy has such wonderful experience to share. I’m very grateful to be a Connection member.

Kirsty Bowlay – Thrive OT, New South Wales

Helped me to progress to running a successful, small business

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I joined because of the amazing clinic resources to help me set up the clinic, and found the support of The Connection team, especially Amy, has helped me to progress to running a successful, small business which is value based, efficient, successful and exactly what I wanted but had no idea how to do! I feel confident that I have all my bases covered with employees and systems that I had no idea about before I joined The Connection. The Connection is so responsive to the changing environment, I would have never have survived Covid without The Connection!

Jen Kaess – Restore Allied Health, Victoria

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:

  • Regular up-to-date allied health industry information
  • Access to our safe and supportive private Facebook Group where you can ask all the questions on your mind.
  • Access to practical templates and resources written specifically for allied health practice owners and designed to save you time. (Client forms, policy templates, checklists and more!)
  • Access to our Factsheets on a range of topics, including how to choose the right interview questions, how to make sure you are following the privacy laws, and how to track your business success.
  • Member discounts for mentoring sessions and all events and retreats.
  • Weekly Member Update Emails including ‘Tip of the Week’ videos where we share our insights from products, books, apps, and resources tested out just for you.
  • Live online ‘Make It Session’ where we share insights and tips on topics that we believe are important to ‘making it’ in small business, plus a library of all past recordings.
  • Pop-up Masterclasses that deep-dive into a specific topic, and are often led by guest experts. (Example: Wages, contracts and salaries with our HR guest advisor, or How to use Trello in your practice.)
  • Smart Spot Focus Guides: Put our Smart Spots into practice every two months with our helpful guides full of action items, challenges and a monthly planner.
  • Business Booster Shots: a mini online course to help you tackle common business problem areas.
  • The Connection Book Club: all participating members receive the latest book club pick shipped to their location for free and are given six weeks to complete before coming together for an online discussion group.
  • First dibs on popular events like The Healthy Practice Retreat and Plan Camp.

Smart Spot Topics

Structured content around the seven key areas for business success.

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Heart & Soul

Work out your ‘why’ to centre your business and grow in the direction that suits you. Heart & Soul is all about your vision, philosophy, goals and your core values.


Hone your resiliency, define your time management, build your leadership skills, and create the mindset, confidence and energy you need to tackle any obstacles that come your way.


Operations can bog down even the most experienced practice owners! We look to get you out of the weeds and delegate or optimize your tasks so you can maximise your impact.
Topics we cover include procedure development, managing complaints, policy generation (and yes, there are templates for these!) and developing a great workplace culture. We want you to have the systems that allow you the flexibility to focus on what you want.


Get strategic about creating a practice that gives you what you need. Create a business plan, understand your ideal clients and their needs, learn how your services fit together, minimise risk and learn how to develop your yearly plan.


Whether you’ve got a waiting list or are looking to bring more clients into your clinic we help you understand your ideal client and their needs so you understand how to create marketing content that attracts new clients as well as retains and delights existing clients.


Your business needs to make money so you can keep doing good things. The Connection is a safe space to talk honestly and openly about money and finances and help you define your financial goals, create a budget and track the performance of your business so you know how and where to make smart changes.


When you’re ready to grow, learn how to find, develop and manage a team that aligns with your vision and values. We provide resources and guidance for recruiting, onboarding and managing your team members.

Hi, I’m Amy Geach,
founder of The Connection.

I’m a small business owner, occupational therapist, mentor, multitasker, mum and wife. Back in 2000, I began my career as an occupational therapist and six years later, I took the leap into private practice. It felt like overnight I went from the comfort of a salaried job at a hospital, to being my own boss and even more dauntingly, someone else’s boss! I had no idea what I was doing.

Over the years I made mistakes, took risks, celebrated wins, and built an amazing team around me. My business journey hasn’t been perfect but none of it would have been possible without a few incredibly supportive people in my corner who were willing to share their trials, tribulations and more than a few spreadsheets with me. The goal of The Connection is to provide the support and resources you need to grow a successful private practice accomplishes your goals and supports your life.

The Connection is home to real people, with real practices, showing up for their businesses and themselves.

For anyone who is in private practice - you need this membership! Right Now!

‘The membership provides us with regular access and content that we would otherwise not have the means to source. The Booster Shots allow us to take a focused approach to a specific topic which we can immediately put to use. And the regular contact helps us keep on top of changing legislation, new resources for business owners, and strategies for managing staff. We can confidently say our business is successful, and enjoyable, thanks to The Connection.’

Ngaire Turnbull – Territory Hands and handSPARK, Northern Territory

Membership Cost

$149 AUD a month or $1,639 annually

(That’s one month free with the annual membership!)

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Is The Connection Right
For You?

The Connection might not be right for you if you’re just looking for a policy template shop.

We happen to think our templates are amazing, but we’re about so much more than simply ticking the boxes. We are here for people who really want to get in and get vulnerable. For those who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and take bigger, more aligned action. We want you to build a business you love and that gives you everything you need in return.

(Family time, a flexible schedule, the ability to take a holiday, and yes, a healthy bottom line!)

Here are some other frequently asked questions:

Is this really going to help me make progress in my business?

YES! The content you will work through is designed specifically for allied health practice owners. We strive to make everything simple, clear and actionable. We’ll also help you through each step as you need it and share my (Amy, here!) experience running my own practice, including the things that did and did not work in the past.

How long do I have to sign up for?

If you pay monthly, as long as you like! You can be with us for 1 month, 12 months, 100 months, and you can cancel at any time. If you pay annually you are locked in for 12 months minimum.

Will I get access to Amy in The Connection?

YES! I completely love this membership and all the people in it, so I am updating our portal and am active in the Facebook group creating content, answering your questions, sharing my thoughts, and sharing my knowledge. You will also see me in our monthly online sessions, as well as weekly via our member updates.

I feel intimidated by being around more experienced business owners. Is this the right space for me?

Know that you are coming into a very welcoming and supportive group of people who know exactly how your business journey is unfolding. They have been there too. I believe you are in the right place. Remember that you are not alone. Our self-doubts tend to show up when we are stepping outside our comfort zone or into an unfamiliar space. Doubt often shows up when we’re looking to do something that matters to us. Your inner critic is trying to protect you, so you can thank it and progress forward!

I don’t think my practice is ‘big enough’ to need this?

It’s common for sole traders to feel they are too small for business support and should just work it out themselves. Sole trader businesses are no less important. You are not running a hobby, so I encourage you to put your business hat on regardless of your size. You will find that our resources are designed to suit any sized business. If you work by yourself without a team, there is a place for you here.

I have a question not answered here, is there someone I can speak to?

Of course! Email us at with any questions you may have.

No cookie-cutter solutions here.

While we may all come to the table with similar problems, you’re running your own individual business.

Our conversations and resources aim to provide multiple options to help meet your individual situation. We are all at different stages at different times which means members get the added advantage of diverse perspectives and peer experience.

What’s the difference between mentoring and membership?


The Connection Membership program is bursting at the seams with unlimited access to all of our resources as well as weekly, monthly, and quarterly programming.

Members also receive a 20% discount on mentoring, courses, and select events.

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The Connection mentoring program is a short-term, 1-1 program with an upfront fee, tailored to address a specific need within your business.

We supply you with relevant resources and provide email support in between our mentoring sessions.

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Quiz: What’s your number one busy blindspot?

Feeling time poor and overwhelmed as an allied health practice owner? Take our 2 minute quiz and find out your busy blindspot (plus get your tailored free report including tips for moving out of your busy-ness!). Hint: Once you know your busy blindspot, you can free yourself from feeling time poor and stressed, and start making the progress you really want.

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