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Episode #2

How to Have a Mid-Year Reset

Episode 2:

Welcome back to our podcast community! In today’s episode, we dive into the essential practice of a mid-year reset. If you’re feeling surprised by how quickly the year is flying by, you’re not alone. It’s already halfway through, and it’s the perfect time to pause and realign. Download the Mid-Year Reset Guide here.

Feeling unmotivated, stuck, exhausted, or lost?
You might also feel like you’re “in the weeds,” caught up in busyness without making meaningful progress. These feelings are common around this time of year, but there’s a solution—a reset. And no, we’re not talking about just pushing through. We’re talking about a fresh start that involves realigning with your goals and understanding what’s working and what isn’t.

Imagine how you want to feel six months from now—on Christmas Eve. Do you want to be stress-free, enjoying time with family, and proud of your achievements? That’s what we’re aiming for with this reset.

I have shared with you four principles to guide you through any reset, whether it’s mid-year or any other time:

  1. Space: Carve out time for your reset activities. Even an hour can make a difference, but a half-day or full-day can be even more beneficial. Consider changing your environment to inspire creativity and focus.
  2. Reflection: Reflect on your goals and vision. What have you achieved so far? What do you want more of in your life? Use this positive lens to set the scene for your reset.
  3. Focus: From your reflections, identify three to four key projects that will help you reach your big magic goal. Break these down into smaller tasks with due dates to keep you on track.
  4. Energy: Pay attention to your well-being. Enhance areas like sleep, movement, nutrition, values, and brain space. Small changes can lead to significant improvements in energy and motivation.

I also discussed creating intentional space in your diary for ongoing check-ins and the importance of routines and boundaries. Remember, resetting is not about overhauling everything at once; it’s about making incremental changes that add up over time.

To help you implement these principles.
I’ve created a downloadable guide called “My Reset Guide,” which you can download here: Mid-Year Reset Guide.

Thank you for joining me today, and I hope these insights empower you to take control and move forward with clarity and purpose.

Remember, listeners, the mid-year mark is not just a milestone—it’s an opportunity. Take this chance to reassess your journey. Until next time, keep striving towards your goals with intention and heart.

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