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Setting Up Online Consultations

A mini-course to help you set up and run online consultations

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Maintain client bookings without face-to-face contact.

The industry is changing and nowhere is that more apparent than in how you’re expected to alter how you interact with your clients. Maybe you’ve tried to put together an online consultation process but your patchwork approach has left you with a bit of a mess, or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to begin.

If you’re ready to build a foundation for successful online consultations that brings you income without the headaches, you’ve found the spot.

Setting Up Your Online Consultations is a 5-module mini-course for allied health practitioner

To help you set up and manage online consultations with the right tech, tools, and procedures in place.

Learn how online consultations can seamlessly integrate into your existing practice.

Determine which platforms, tech and tools are best for your practice.

Put the necessary privacy and security measures into place.

Learn how to confidently run an online client session and troubleshoot common issues.

There’s no reason to try to reinvent the wheel if a proven process already exists.

You’ve got enough on your plate already.
Setting Up Your Online Consultations is right if you’re…

  • Lost when it comes to setting up your own tech.
  • Worried you won’t be able to provide the same level of care for our clients.
  • Unsure how this changes the privacy policies you have in place.
  • Hung up about how to prepare your team.
  • Dreading having to reinvent the wheel and rework your processes.

Setting Up Your Online Consultations can not only help you give your clients more freedom and choice in how they use your service, but it can give you alternative ways to generate income.

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‘Whether you’re looking to integrate online consultations into your practice or move to a completely online business, I believe understanding how to set up and apply online consultations can be an absolute game changer for your business.

Not only can it give you the opportunity to expand and grow, but it can also be another way for you to mould your practice to fit your life. When you take away location-based limitations you can open your business up to a world of new possibilities’

Amy Geach, Founder and CEO of The Connection. B.App.Sc(OT), M.Clin.Sc, MBA

Online consultations (aka telehealth!) can strengthen your practice when designed around your uniqueness.

It’s not just about managing staff working from home in isolation. It’s more than just a patch job to get by for now. It’s about redesigning your practice model to work for you into the future.

How it works

This course is designed to follow a 5-module self-paced curriculum that can easily suit your practice and life schedule.

At the beginning of each lesson you will:

  • Download the corresponding module workbook
  • Watch the 15-20 minute module videos
  • Download any accompanying templates and resources
  • Review and select the action items and tasks you need to take
  • Apply your learnings to your individual business

What you’ll learn:

Module one

Essential Components of Online Consultations

Benefits Of Online Consultations
Why You Shouldn’t Do Online Consultations
Client Considerations and Suitability
Practice Considerations
Australian Privacy Principles
Internet Knowledge
Internet Speed Testing
VPNs: Buying or Subscribing
Online Consultation Goals

Module Four

Prepping Your Therapists

Barriers To Success (and overcoming them)
What Your Team
Needs To Know Beforehand
Training Materials To Create Ahead Of Time
Mindfulness Considerations
How To Display and Improve Empathy Online
Recommended Equipment
Lighting Considerations
Background Considerations
Tips For A Successful Session
Best Practices During The Consultation
Feedback Tools
Ideas and Strategies To Enhance Your Online Session

Module TWO

Choosing the Right Platform

Platform Considerations
Features To Consider
Automation Tools
Platform Comparisons and Table
Precautions To Take

Module Five

Finishing Touches

Online Consultation Policy & Details To Include
Other Documents To Consider
Terms & Conditions To Protect Yourself
Getting Client Reviews & Questions To Ask
Metrics To Track
Using Automation Tools To Improve The Client Experience
Marketing And Media Ideas
Completing Online Consultation Checklist

Module Three

Bookings and Communication

Barriers To Online Consultations
Choosing Suitable Clients
Privacy Considerations
Client Nurture Experience
Communication Methods
Using Scripts To Get Organised
Taking Bookings
Managing Risks
Completing Client Forms
Getting Informed Consent
Confirming Your Consultation and Reminders
Getting Clients Ready
Pricing & Session Length Considerations
Marketing Your New Service

Your Resources Include:

  • 5-module video lessons with Amy
  • Module workbooks to complement your learnings
  • Client appointment flowchart
  • Online consultation checklist
  • Australian privacy principles fact sheet
  • Course-approved equipment list

Platform Comparison Table, Data Breaches Factsheet, How To Speed Test Your Internet, Client Information Sheet Template, Informed Consent (with example wording), Allied Recommended Telehealth Community Groups, Troubleshooting Guide, Ideal Client Worksheet, Online Consultation Policy Example, Step-by-Step Instructions to Book a Zoom Consult, Automation Resources

You’ll walk away from this course with everything
you need to set up and manage your online consultations:

Checklists, fact sheets, client communication scripts, tips for getting your staff involved, selecting the appropriate clients, tips for running your sessions, policy and procedure templates and so much more.

Course Cost

Valued at $599

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any concerns we don’t address here, feel free to reach out to us here.

What is your return policy?

We know it can be stressful parting with your money, so rest assured we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you sign up and decide this course is not for you. For any questions about the course please email

Is this just for people who are in lockdown and can’t treat face to face?

This course is for all allied health practice owners who are thinking of pivoting their current business model, want a back up plan in place, or have already started online consults and are keen to continue them as an additional service for clients. It is designed for those who have started online consults as well as those who might be thinking about it for the first time.

I’ve already started offering online consults. Will I learn anything new?

This course can help you take something you might have already started, and optimize it to make it a better service for your employees and your clients

Is there a timeframe I have to complete the course by?

This is a self paced course. Whilst we hope you can get through it sooner rather than later and get your online consults working well for you – we understand that things come up and you might get delayed. The content will stay open for you to access for many years!

How often is the course work updated?

We update the course work yearly given that the industry regulations and options for online consultations changes year to year.

What are the terms and conditions for this course

When purchasing this course you will confirm that you agree to the following:

‘I understand that Amy Geach and The Connection [previously known as Maida Learning] will not be liable for any business or financial decision I make or methods implemented from learnings in this program. I understand that I am responsible for making the decisions that are appropriate to my own individual situation for my business.

I understand that I can request a full refund if I decide I no longer want to participate in the program. I understand that this request must be in writing and received no later than the first 30 days from signing up to the course.

I understand that the content of this course is the intellectual property of The Connection and I won’t share it’s contents or publish the information elsewhere.’

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